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With our Mobile Banking services you can do basic banking transactions from the convenience of your mobile phone anyday, anytime, anywhere anytime. It is convenient, fast and secure.


Make transactions with peace of mind

Our platform provides a highly secure environment for you to perform your transactions without the threat of compromise


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Carry out secure transactions faster and more efficiently with straight-through processing and simplified transaction functions

Access Bank ATM is a service-focused computerized telecommunications device that enables customers to perform available financial transactions without the need for a human cashier or bank teller, 24/7.

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Further to our strategy of providing enjoyable experience to customers on our ATM touch points and the need to extend convenient cash deposit services via ATMs, Access Bank has introduced cash deposit ATMs which will allow customers deposit cash into any Access Bank account without a teller's interface. It is a cardless process that does not require a bank card to transact.

Access Bank has Mobile ATMs located at different venues to provide cash for our customers at all times. The Mobile Truck is used during events and occasions were the participants may need cash. This will also expose our brand to attendees at community events, concerts, fairs and festival such as; Sporting events, music concerts, NYSC camps, Religious gatherings etc.

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Currently, customers can access the following services on ATMs:

  • Cash withdrawals

  • Account balance inquiry

  • Bill payment e.g. DSTV, PHCN etc

Airtime vending

  • Mini Statement printing

  • Funds transfer

  • Cash deposit with the ability to enter depositors name

The flexibility and convenience provided do manifest, not only in the area of being able to access the above services outside the regular banking hours/halls but also in any location of choice outside the branch and bank of domicile.

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