eNaira Wallet

borderless transactions, same Naira, more possibilities.

eNaira Wallet

The eNaira is the new digital currency that is created and regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria. It serves as both a medium of exchange and a store of value which offers speedy, safe, and simple transactional opportunities to customers and end-users
You can send, receive and spend you eNaira from your eNaira wallet without charges.

4 Steps to Get Started

  • Download the eNaira Wallet App
    Download the eNaira wallet (speed wallet) from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Choose your Bank
    Select Access Bank from the list of Banks provided.
  • Validate your details
    Enter your identification details such as NIN, BVN, Date of Birth and Emails. These details should be as it appears in your Bank details.
  • You are all Done!
    Fund your wallet from your Access more app and start receiving, sending and managing your eNaira.

Frequently Asked Questions

eNaira is a digital version of cash created and regulated by CBN.

Yes, simply update your AccessMore app to access the eNaira feature

Activation link is always sent to the email address linked your BVN profile. Please check your email address and reach out to our Contact Center for more information

Yes, you will have to call our Contact Centre to update accordingly

The eNaira SPEED app is required for creating eNaira wallet and for transactions such as P2P, P2B, P2G while the AccessMore App is for moving funds from your access account to eNaira wallet and vice-versa

You will have to call our Contact Centre to update accordingly
No, you can have only one eNaira wallet because eNaira wallet is linked to one BVN
Email address linked to BVN profile is required. Please call our Contact Centre to update accordingly
No, you won’t.
Yes. The eNaira and cash are all variants of the legal tender. Either or both can be used to carry out transactions as the situation demands.
  • Cheap, safe and faster transactions
  • Nationwide acceptance
  • No dispensing errors
  • Personal transactions and bill payments can be made remotely
  • and so much more 
You can choose any of your Access Bank accounts as the preferred account linked to eNaira wallet
Download the eNaira Speed Wallet app for individuals or eNaira Speed Merchant Wallet app for merchants.
The email address linked to your BVN profile
eNaira does not affect your Access Money Wallet. They are both safe.
As it relates to transaction charges, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are designed globally to provide a cheaper alternative to existing payment platforms. Subsequently, the eNaira charges will follow this convention.
Yes, there are daily transaction limits and cumulative balance limits for eNaira wallets.
No, only one account can be linked to eNaira wallet.
No, you can’t.
This option is not available currently.
Yes, you can.

You can fund your wallet directly from your Access more app or internet banking.

Yes, the person must have an eNaira wallet for P2P transfer via the SPEED app.
You can pay merchants and make P2P wallet transactions at zero cost.
Yes, it is safe and secure. The CBN takes security seriously.
eNaira is a legal tender backed and issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria.
No, it will circulate alongside cash.
The eNaira app allows customers to identify a bank of their choice, connect to their bank accounts and perform transactions.
  • Easy payments for customers 
  • Instant settlement 
  • No reconciliation issues 
  • Easier and faster foreign transactions/payment 
  • No dispensing errors 
  • and so much more

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