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Domiciliary Account

Whatever continent your business takes you to, we have just the account for you.

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The Domiciliary Current account is designed to enable you to carry out local or international transactions from the comfort of your home, office or abroad. The account is funded in Pounds, Euros, Dollars and Yen.

Domiciliary Current Account
  • Opening balance and daily balance of [$, £,€] 500 for Classic
  • Opening balance daily balance of [$, £,€] 10,000 for Dom Plus
  • Interest rate of 0.1% and 0.2%% p.a. but paid monthly (Classic and Plus respectively)
  • Different variants of Debit Card based on the customer’s preference
  • Access to alternate channels e.g. internet and mobile banking etc.
  • Non- chequing account
  • All other transactions are charged in line with the Banker’s tariff.
  • $10 issuance of debit card
  • Free debit card for Dom Plus
  • Maximum of $10,000 cash deposits daily.
  • Transfer amount $50,000
  • Transfer charge of 0.5%
  • Reduced swift charge of $20 weekly (customer saves $80)
  • Reduced offshore charge of $25 weekly (customer saves $100)
  • Convenient Foreign Funds Transfer self-service on Access online and Primuslite
  • Customers can pay handling charges in Naira at Interbank rate
  • Cost effective transactions (Customer saves a minimum of $180 per transaction)
  • No cheque deposits allowed
Interest Rate* Currently at 0.1%p.a (Classic) 0.2% p.a.(Plus)
Account closure requests Not Applicable
ATM withdrawals on us Not Applicable
All other transactions are charged at the Banker’s tariff

Interest rate is based on 30% of CBN Monetary Policy Rate

Domiciliary Savings Account
FX Payment for SME Importation (FormQ)

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