Contactless Card

Enjoy fast, safe, and hassle-free transactions with your contactless card on Access Bank POS terminals.

Contactless Card Payment Overview:

Experience seamless payments with Access Bank's Contactless Payment.

How it works

  • Step 1: Tap your contactless-enabled card on the terminal.
  • Step 2: Enjoy lightning-fast transaction processing.
  • Step 3: A receipt is generated, and the payment is completed seamlessly.


  • Swift Transactions: Contactless payments allow for speedy and efficient transactions with just a tap.
  • Convenience: Contactless technology eliminates the need to swipe cards or enter PINs, making payments easier.
  • Enhanced Security: Contactless payments provide additional security elements that reduce the risk of fraud and give users peace of mind.

Security Measures:

  • Transaction Limits: Contactless payment methods have transaction limits, adding an extra layer of security by     restricting the amount that can be spent in a single tap. 
  • Encryption: Contactless financial transactions are encrypted, which protects sensitive data during transmission..
  • Tokenization: In contactless payment systems, card data are replaced by unique tokens, protecting personal information     from being exposed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a payment method that allows customers to tap their contactless-enabled cards or mobile devices on a POS terminal for quick, contact-free transactions.
Utilizes RFID or NFC technology; customers tap their contactless-enabled cards or mobile devices on the POS terminal for swift and secure transactions.
Mastercard and Visa credit/debit cards with the contactless symbols on it.
Yes, it is secured by advanced encryption. Also, there is a limit to transaction amount that is approved without additional verification.
No setup is required if your card is contactless enabled; check for the symbol and start tapping.
This varies by country and institution; small-value transactions may not require a PIN.
Call our Contact Centre immediately on 0700 300 0000 to disable your contactless card and request a replacement.
It is growing acceptance, but not universal; please look for the symbol or inquire with the merchant.
Yes, you can request and get a receipt; some terminals print automatically, while others require a request.

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