We specialize in digitalizing payment and collection processes for businesses through strategic partnerships and co-innovation initiatives with select fintech companies and industries across retail, manufacturing, telecom, media, automotive, and financial services sectors

Get to know us

At Access, the Partnerships & Digital Capabilities Sector, is the driving force behind transformative and innovative technology. We aim to be the premier technology partner, offering unprecedented opportunities for our business allies to expand their horizons, deepen customer relationships, and achieve unparalleled success in their respective industries.


Through seamless integration of digital platforms, data analytics, and artificial intelligence, we empower our partners in CBD, CIBD, and Retail Banking with actionable insights and personalized solutions, crafted specifically to address their unique needs and objectives.

What We Do

We are driven by innovation and customer focus, aiming to lead in technology and open new growth opportunities for our partners. We encourage teamwork, adaptability, and high standards to thrive in a competitive market.


Together, we are on a journey of transformation, using innovation and technology to succeed in the digital age. We are committed to empowering our teams for sustainable growth and shaping the future of banking. 

Our Strategic Focus

1. Fostering Digital Partnerships

 Strategic Alliances with Fintech:  We collaborate with carefully chosen Fintech companies in Nigeria and across Africa to build strategic alliances, driving innovation and growth in the financial sector.

 Co-innovation Initiatives:  Engaging in co-innovation initiatives with technology leaders spanning various industries, including retail, manufacturing, telecom, media, automotive, and financial services, to pioneer groundbreaking solutions.

2. Top-Tier Relationship Management & Financial Products


Tailored Solutions for Fintech Players:  We offer top-tier Relationship Management Services and Financial Products tailored to the requirements of fintech players in the industry:

  • Merchants
  • Payment Solution Service Providers & Payment Facilitators
  • Super Agents
  • Mobile Money Operators
  • Digital Banks and Microfinance Banks
  • Switching & Processing Companies 
  • Payment Service Banks
  • Corporate Banking Clients
  •  E-commerce Businesses and Market Places

Products Offerings

  • MPGS (Mastercard Payment Gateway)
  • Cybersource (Visa Payment Gateway)
  • Account Debit (Pay With Bank API)
  • Pay With USSD API
  • Access Bank Scan to Pay (QR code)
  • POS Acquiring Services
  • Direct Transfer Service API
  • Corporate Internet Banking (Web Service)
  • Virtual Accounts & VPay
  • Direct card routing (On US)
  • Access Pay Collection Solution
  • Primus Plus ERP API Solution
  • Acquirer BIN Sponsorship
  • BIN Sponsorship for Card Issuance
  • NIP Settlement Service
  • Settlement Bank Service (Others)
  • Deposit Notification APIs
  • Open Banking Solutions

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