Access Bank Dual Transaction Service (DTS)

The DTS provides a seamless and exciting experience for on-boarding customers on our Credit card product.

The Dual Transaction Service (DTS) is a naira credit card service designed to allow profiled customers access a credit line through their existing debit card.

All you need to do after activation is choose credit as account type on any POS or ATM terminal during any transaction to access the credit account on their existing debit account.

How to Activate the Dual Transaction Service

  • Dial *901*14#
  • Choose 1- to activate the DTS.
  • Choose 1 - to accept the Credit card terms and conditions.
  • You are set to start using your credit account. Start transacting!!!

Eligibility Criteria

NGN Credit Card

  •  You must have a salary account in Access Bank
  • Minimum salary of N20k
  •  Good credit history


  • 10% Minimum Payment
  • 3-year validity period
  • Easy activation
  • Access to three times more than your monthly salary
  • No branch visitation required

Frequently Asked Questions

No the DTS will act as a regular Naira Credit card. All fees, charges, features and benefits will remain the same. 
No the only action required by the Customers is to dial *901*14# from their registered number with Access Bank. 
Customers whose salary accounts are domiciled in Access Bank.
You are expected to repay on or before the 15th of every month for the previous month.

Three times the verified salary of the customer.
The currency of the DTS credit card would be in Naira. 
Yes, there is.
ATM – Maximum 5 times daily
POS – maximum 10 times daily
Minimum salary is N20, 000 per month.
You are expected to repay at least 10% of the outstanding funds on or before 15th of every month. For example, if the amount owed on your credit account is NGN10,000, you are expected to payback at least NGN1,000 on or before 15th of the next month.
Choose credit as account type on any POS/ATM in Nigeria.
Make payment into your advised credit card account:
  • A dedicated Credit Card Account number will be sent to you upon activation.
    Note: this account is only repayment and none transactional.

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