W Power Loan

Our W Power Loan is a financing scheme specially designed to provide financial support for all female owned businesses

An African proverb says, “If you strike a woman, you strike a rock”, reminding us of the power of women.

For this reason, we created the W power loan.  It is specially designed to close the financing gap for female-owned businesses by providing access to loans and credit facilities.

Loans are granted in two broad areas:

  • Term Loan: meant for asset acquisition and infrastructure upgrades, use this loan to buy machinery, equipment and all other fixed assets needed for your business.

  • Working Capital: use this loan to purchase raw materials or settle other daily operating expenses of the business.

To learn more about the W Power Loan, call our hotline 1-2273005. or

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  • This is our approach to closing the financial gap faced by female owned businesses and ensuring that we create more businesses that are structured, positioned for financing and sustainable.
  • Our W Power Loan is available to businesses that have been registered with CAC and operational for at least one year. The W Power Loan has 2 variants:
        - W Power Time or Term loan
        -  W Power Vehicle Loan - Brand New Vehicles, Pre-Owned Vehicles, Equity Release

Other Terms and Conditions, including credit checks may apply.

The W Power Time / Term Loan Eligibility Criteria Include

DescriptionTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
Business Definition/Ownership

- Businesses with at least 50 percent female ownership/stake.

  • - Businesses where a woman owns 20-50 percent shareholding and has a woman as its CEO or COO.

Years of operation
Loan Amount Eligibility
Subject to business turnover
  • - Working Capital - 12 months
  • - Asset Acquisition/Business Expansion - 36months

Loan amount
- Minimum - N1Mn

- Maximum – N100Mn

Equity Contribution

for Asset Acquisition/Business Expansion

Interest Rate
- Businesses that are 100% owned and managed by women - 20%p.a
- Businesses with 51% - 100% female shareholding AND active participation in operations and finance of business (CEO or COO)-20%p.a
- Businesses with at least 20% - 50% female shareholding AND active participation in operations and finance of business (CEO or COO)- 24%p.a 
Security Options
  • - Credible Guarantor for loans up to N10 million
  • - All Asset Debenture
  • - Legal mortgage or transfer of ownership of shops

Business Coverage
All businesses
Facility Types

- Time Loan - working capital

- Term Loan – Asset acquisition, Business Expansion

To get started, kindly send a mail to wcares@accessbankplc.com

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