Treasury Services

Investment option that ensures safety of capital and guaranteed interest on investments.

Treasury Bills and FGN Bonds Investment Products

Alternative investment option that ensures safety of capital and guaranteed interest on investments.


  • This product is positioned to enable individuals, corporates and institutional investors the option to invest in high yielding asset options which are risk and tax free.


  • This product offers investors attractive and competitive interest rates on investments.
  • Investments in Treasury bills & FGN bonds are safe and risk free as the Federal Government of Nigeria guarantees and gives assurance of full redemption at maturity.
  • Investors can manage their tax as withholding tax is exempted from the interest element earned on these assets.
  • Treasury bills & FGN bonds are highly liquid and readily tradable as there is a robust secondary market.

Fixed Deposits

The product is designed to provide low risk investment option at market driven yields for bank's customers with excess funds.


  • Investment made with the bank at a fixed interest rate and fixed maturity date.


  • Secured investment as recourse is to the bank.
  • The investment can be used as collateral for a loan.
  • Guaranteed interest on Deposits.

Access FX

This is a web-enabled FX Trade and Settlement platform that will enable our customers close their 3rd Currency FX transactions from the comfort of their offices and/or mobile devices.


  • Delivered in a browser, no need for Java or plug-ins.
  • Request for quotes on specific amounts and currencies.
  • Availability of an automated order management system.
  • Access to executable foreign exchange rates across a wide range of currency pairs.
  • Significant savings of up to 10% by avoiding the additional currency margins built into prices by suppliers when converting their import bill to USD.
  • Secure and cost efficient platform for transactions.


  • FX can be purchased for trade transactions from the convenience of your computer, anywhere in the world.
  • Provides access to liquidity for settlement of Foreign Exchange transactions
  • A hedging tool to reduce Foreign Exchange exposures.
  • Trades are done at competitive market determined rates, thereby eliminating FX markup by exporters.

Fixed Income Prime Brokerage

This is a product that enables clients that meet the specified risk acceptance criteria to take position in the fixed income markets. It gives clients of the Bank who are not members of the interbank Two-Way Quote system, the ability to trade in the markets and use Access Bank to settle its cash and securities.


  • Execution of Fixed Income trades by utilizing the Bank’s trading and settlement platform.


  • It gives clients of the Bank who are not members of the interbank Two-Way Quote system, the ability to trade in the Fixed Income markets and use Access Bank to settle its cash and securities.

High Yield USD Investment Products

The High Yield USD Investment Product has an investment term of six months. It offers investors a competitive return benchmarked to the USD London Interbank Offered Rate (“LIBOR”) at the end of the term, plus full repayment of their capital at maturity.

The product will deliver guaranteed returns while ensuring capital preservation. It is borne out of the desire to create an alternative and yet competitive investment option for USD domiciliary account holders.


  • The product offers a guaranteed return of 3M LIBOR plus 150 basis points, paid at the term.
  • The minimum investment period is 180 days.
  • The minimum investible amount is USD 100,000.00 (One Hundred thousand Dollars)
  • All interest earned will be tax exempt.
  • The deposit is NDIC covered (up to NGN500,000.00 in the first instance).


  • High returns are guaranteed compared to those on similar products.

Currency Solutions

At Access Bank, we offer innovative solutions that help our customers manage their foreign exchange risks, and provide them with liquidity even at times of market illiquidity. We develop cost-effective currency solutions that benefit our clients’ bottom line and help minimize currency risk.

We are focused on providing best-in class services and execution to all our clients and we offer a wide range of products including spot market transactions, as well as FX hedging solutions to customers across all major currencies.


  • Foreign exchange transactions may come in the form of spot contracts, forward or future contracts, swap contracts, or FX options


  • Customer specific currency hedging
  • Swift and seamless execution of FX transactions
  • Competitive pricing
  • Credible reference for market information
  • Access to foreign exchange for settlement of currency transactions as well as hedging for foreign exchange exposures.

Tenured Deposits

Access Bank invest your idle funds in high yielding tenured deposit with a maturity time frame of between 30-90 days. The tenured deposits are usually booked as BA (Banker’s Acceptance) investment and are used to fund the bank’s investment assets via Banker’s Acceptance and Commercial Papers.

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