Virtual Card

The virtual card is a digitally generated card, created by you, that enables you to make secure and seamless payments. These cards are created on AccessMore and is available in different currencies to cater to your specific needs.

The virtual card is a digitally generated card, created by you, that enables you to make secure and seamless payments. These cards are created on AccessMore and is available in different currencies to cater to your specific needs.  

For online shoppers, virtual cards offer an extra layer of protection. Unlike your regular debit or credit card, a virtual card isn't directly linked to your bank account. This reduces the risk of fraud if the card details are compromised. It also provides a handy alternative for online shopping. If you've misplaced your physical card, you can still make secure online purchases with your virtual card. 

What are the features of the Virtual Card?


Digital-Only Format:
Virtual cards exist purely in digital form and are not physical cards like traditional credit or debit cards.


Instant Creation: You can create a virtual card instantly using the AccessMore mobile app, requiring less than a minute to complete the process.


Multi-Currency Variants:Virtual cards are available in Naira, USD, Euro, and Pounds variants, providing flexibility for different currency needs.


No Additional DocumentationCreating a virtual card does not require additional documentation, streamlining the application process.


Funding Options: Each virtual card variant can be funded directly from the corresponding currency account on AccessMore.

How to apply for a Virtual Card

  • Launch the AccessMore app and click on ‘Cheques and Cards’
  • Select ‘Create New Card’
  • Choose the ‘Virtual card’ type.
  • Get an issuance fee.
  • Swipe to select a preferred card colour.
  • Order your card and start using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can create, block, and cancel your cards on their AccessMore mobile app
Virtual cards come in Naira, USD, Euro and Pounds variants
You can fund your Virtual cards through your Access Bank account in the currency that matches the card e.g If you have a Naira Virtual card, you can fund it from your Naira account on AccessMore. Similarly, a USD Virtual card can only be funded from your USD account on AccessMore, a Euro Virtual card from your Euro account, and a Pounds Virtual card from your Pounds account on AccessMore. 
The account that funded the card will be credited
No, you can only fund your card from your Access Bank account on AccessMore
No, you can only request for a Virtual card on the AccessMore app. 
The cost per card is as follows:
  •  Naira Virtual Card is N1,000 plus VAT of N75, total is N1,075
  •  USD Virtual Card is $2.45, plus VAT of $0.18, total is $2.63
  •  GBP Virtual Card is 1.77 GBP plus VAT of 0.13GB, total is 1.9 GBP
  •  Euro Virtual Card is 2.08 Euro plus VAT of 0.16 Euro, total is 2.24 Euro
Yes, Quarterly maintenance fees are charged every quarter as shown below: 
  • Naira Virtual Card is N53.75
  • USD Virtual Card is $0.12
  • GBP Virtual Card is 0.09 GBP
  • Euro Virtual Card is 0.11 Euro
No. Web transactions are free
No. The cost of the card is visible to customers before card request is made so issuance fee cannot be reversed after the card is created.
You can either create one Virtual card for yourself or create up to five Virtual cards of the same or different currencies as gifts to third parties on AccessMore.
Yes. You can have a Naira, USD, GBP, and Euro Virtual card once you have an Access Bank account in these currencies and successfully onboarded and activated on the AccessMore app.
No, the Naira variant works only in Nigeria while the USD, GBP and Euro Virtual card work in all countries except Nigeria. So, you can have a Naira Virtual card for domestic transaction and another in foreign currency for international transactions, based on your need.
The spend limits are as follows:
  • Naira Virtual Card: Domestic Spend Limit is N500,000/daily or Monthly
  • USD Virtual Card: International Spend Limit is $ 5,000/daily or Monthly
  • GBP Virtual Card: International Spend Limit is GBP 3,600/daily or Monthly
  • Euro Virtual Card: International Spend Limit is GBP 4,200/daily or monthly
No, beneficiaries of Virtual gift cards must be onboarded and activated on AccessMore to be able to access and use their gift cards.
It is a prepaid card
Convenience: You can create virtual cards instantly via the AccessMore app, taking less than a minute to complete the process. This eliminates the need for physical card issuance and provides immediate access to digital payment capabilities.

Security: Virtual cards are not linked to your bank account, reducing the risk of unauthorized access, and protecting your main account from potential fraud or breaches.

Flexible Currency Options: Virtual cards are available in multiple currency variants, including Naira, USD, Euro, and Pounds, catering to diverse financial needs and enabling transactions in different currencies.

Simplified Subscriptions Management: You can consolidate all your online subscriptions onto a single virtual card, making it easier to track and manage recurring payments.

Ease of Use: Virtual cards can be managed conveniently through the AccessMore app, allowing you to perform actions such as blocking, cancelling, or creating additional gift cards for your loved ones from the comfort of your home.
Virtual cards are valid for 3 years unless cancelled by you. Upon expiration, you can easily create another.
Gifted Virtual cards are received and can be viewed instantly on the recipient’s dashboard on AccessMore.
All Tier-3 customers on AccessMore can create virtual cards
Instant Issuance: Virtual cards can be created instantly through the AccessMore app, providing immediate access to digital payment capabilities without having to visit the branch. 

Convenience: Users can manage virtual cards conveniently from their mobile devices, including actions such as creation, blocking, cancellation, and transaction monitoring, all within the AccessMore app.
You can easily block or cancel your virtual cards by calling our 24/7 Contact Centre on 02012802520 or 02012273020
You can view your card balance and card statements via AccessMore

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