Update onNEFT Transactions & Your Account Number

This will apply to payments made through NEFT services as your existing account number will cease to be accessible for NEFT transactions from October 31, 2022.

We understand that this may take some time for you to update, but we assure you that your funds are safe, we are available to support and make the process seamless for all affected.

Old Diamond accounts will no longer be used for NEFT transactions

They will be used for other transactions (outside of NEFT) up until September 2023. In preparation for this change, we have created an alternate account that you can use for NEFT transactions and starting September 2023, the new account number will become their primary account.

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Activation Of Alternate Account

We have created a new 10-digit Account Number (NUBAN) for your use on NIBSS Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) going forward. While the new and existing account numbers can be used as alternate account.

Update Your Account Information

To ensure that all NEFT transactions are processed seamlessly, please inform your employers, business partners and people who are likely to credit your account via NEFT on your old account number.

Unification Of Your Accounts

To ensure that all NEFT transactions are processed seamlessly, please inform your employers, business partners and people who are likely to credit your account via NEFT on your old account number. 

Looking For Your New Alternate Account Number?

We will communicate this to you through our channels and it also will be visible under your account profile when you log into the AccessMore app. Only your new account number should be used by third parties who make payments to you from other banks.


We ensure that your funds are safe, and you can easily view their alternate account number under your account profile when logged, into the Access More app. To view your alternate account number?

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After the deadline, money sent to your existing account number will reverse into the account of the sender. All you need do is give them your new (alternate) account number then the funds will be received.
Yes, your funds are always safe with us. Security remains one of Access Bank’s key promises to our customers, so we continue to invest in having the most secure systems.
No, all your details stay the same.
For now, both account numbers must be used but the alternate account number can only be used for NEFT transactions. If there are any new changes, we will notify you through our communication channels.
From September 2023, transfers out of your alternate account will be seamless. Before then, transfers can only be sent out of the existing account. For now, the purpose of the alternate account is to receive incoming NEFT transfers.
No, you will maintain the same Account Officer. We would like to receive feedback about how helpful your Account Officer has been.
No, you do not; the charges are only on the existing account number.
No. Your alternate account number is linked to your existing account number, so your old ATM card works just fine.
No. The system automatically synchronizes and updates your accounts. This feature can be accessed on the AccessMore app or via Internet banking.
Your existing and alternate account numbers are linked and as such you have just one account balance.
Yes. Your bio – data is automatically available with the new account number.
We have established a dedicated helpdesk to provide swift support to you. Please call 07003000000 or send an email to nefthelpdesk@accessbankplc.com and we will be delighted to assist you.
You can no longer use your old (existing) account number for NEFT transactions (salaries, dividend warrant, etc). Your new (alternate) account number will now be used to receive NEFT transactions.
You will receive a new / alternate account number for each of the old account numbers.
NEFT means NIBBS Electronic Funds Transfer.
NEFT is one of the payment channels used for bulk payments and transactions such as payroll (salaries), dividends, settlement, etc.
The new (alternate) account number is a 10-digit account number created by the bank for every old Diamond account holder. This account number is to be used for all incoming NEFT transactions effective 8 th of November,2022.
You should share the new (alternate) account number with your employers, business partners and people who are likely to credit your old account number via NEFT. This will enable them update your new account details in their database/records.
You can continue to use your existing account number for all other transactions and on our digital channels (AccessMore, ATMs, POS, online etc.) for the next one (1) year and by September 2023, we will migrate your transactions to the alternate account. Thereafter, your existing account number will cease to exist.
From November 8, 2022, all NEFT transactions done to your old (existing) account will fail. NEFT transactions are
to be sent only to the new(alternate) account number communicated to you.
Your alternate account number will be displayed on your AccessMore app and Internet banking profile. It can also be easily retrieved by dialing the code *901# and following the prompt.
This is necessitated by regulatory requirements which entails that all Access Bank customers must have a unified account number and sort code.
No. After September 2023, you will not be required to use your existing account. However, the transaction history on your existing account will be visible on your new account and you can access your statement on your mobile app and Online Banking.
Yes, you will. It will be sent via email and SMS.
Yes, your profile remains the same and is active on your existing account number only.

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