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Frequently Asked Questions : Access Pay

Access e-Pay is the AccessBank’s secure internet payment gateway that allows the acceptance of payments via your online shop (website) from your customers anytime, anywhere around the world. It is a doorway that delivers a single point of connection from your website to multiple payment processors (Interswitch, VISA & MasterCard) providing you with confirmation status with respect to the processed payment.

Business segments organizations will the desire to expand and provide a global reach for the business. Some of the categories include:


Life Style: Beauty, Health, Sports & Fitness

Books, Music & Movies

Religious Bodies

Travel Agencies & Airlines

Home and Interior Design

Gaming Sites

Mobile Recharge,  Internet Subscription



Baby, Toys & Kids

Electronic Shops


Online Food Ordering services 

Online tutorials, education for training courses

Agencies for rates and fines – LASTMA, LAWMA

Recurrent billers such as Utility Bills  (waste mgmt., water, electricity) gymnasiums, child-care, reputable NGO &  charities, Cable subscription

Professional bodies & institutes associations , services

Online Market Place


  • Interswitch Verve cards
  • MasterCard (local & International)
  • Visa (local & international)
  • Merchant duly fills the application form and sent back  accompanied with either Tax document or Letter of Incorporation
  • API documentation will be sent to the customer's web developer as part of the integration process.
  • After the integration and successful testing of the payment process on the website, payments by merchant’s customer can begin.
  • Merchant is provided with a portal to view transactions as they occur online real-time.
Our team will contact the merchant and merchant’s developer. Depending on the ecommerce framework of the merchant website, either the plugin download link is provided or the Application Programming Interface (API) documentation required for the integration. 
  • We can recommend our partner developers on building a website to suit your business needs.
  • You can leverage on our reputable Online Market Place ( where your goods & services can be hosted for customers to be directed.
  • You can register as a merchant on PayWithCapture to enable you issue e-invoices to your customers to make payments

The integration is at a zero cost while transaction fee is applicable dependent on the card type. Please find below our pricing





Local Cards (MasterCard/Verve/VISA)


1.5% of transaction amount (subject to a maximum of N2,000)


International Cards (MasterCard/VISA)

3.0% of transaction amount

** Foreign Settlement (in Dollars) cycle is either  bi-weekly or monthly at a charge of  $50 per settlement cycle

This is borne by the merchant.
  • Seamless integration process
  • Accepts both local and international issued cards
  • Instant online payment process and timely settlement of proceeds
  • IP restriction functionality for blocking suspicious addresses
  • Supports 2nd Factor Authentication (2FA) –
    • Safetoken 2FA by Interswitch,
    • SecureCode by MasterCard
    • IPIN/ VbyV By VISA
  • Availability of Merchant Portal to view & monitor transactions in real-time mode
  • Availability of Customer Portal, especially for frequent payers, to access payment history
  • Instant email notification on transaction details and status.


To Merchant

  • Provides global reach for your business.
  • Round the clock operations
  • Increase in customer base & sales, revenue and decrease in administrative overhead
  • Better and faster way of receiving payments for goods and services
  • Elimination of middle-man challenges i.e. no delays in receiving settlements
  • Business is in alignment with the CBN policy as regards cashless payments as a preferred payment option

To Customer

  • Instant one-stop access to all payment options (i.e. Verve, MasterCard, Visa)
  • Extreme convenience
  • Secured payments on the internet
  • Transaction notification by email
Dependent on non-system failure, local transactions are settled by next working day after transaction date, three working days after transaction date for foreign transactions settled in local currency, bi-weekly/monthly for dollar settlements. Otherwise, our merchants would be advised of any settlement delay. 
For your request to be promptly attended to, please do contact Access Contact-Center
Mobile: 0700CallAccess, 0700225522377, 07080653300 
Email: AccessBank Contact-Center
Email: E BUSINESS Settlement - Customer Service & ChargeBack

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