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Conveniently send money to more African countries.

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AccessAfrica is a Payments product designed to simplify Global payments by Person to Person (P2P), Business to Business (B2B), Person to Business (P2B), Government to Person (G2P) and any other payment activities/flows. It will enable efficient and effective transfers including but not limited to school fees payments, merchant payments, e-commerce payments, trade payments, diaspora workers payments, etc

AccessAfrica project has a Global aspiration but will be delivered in phases with Africa as its immediate focus.

AccessAfrica will allow customers to initiate payments in US Dollars while the beneficiary receives a direct credit to his account or cash in the local currency or US Dollars (USD can be received is in select countries) in line with local procedures. 

What is AccessAfrica? 

AccessAfrica is a secure and convenient platform that enables you to make quick transfers to your loved ones and business partners worldwide and receive money from countries of presence.

AccessAfrica Transfer Corridors



  • Send in USD and receive in local currency.
  • Send in USD, receive in USD (provided send currency is USD and beneficiary has a USD account)


  • Affordable transfer fees.
  • Near instant payment to the beneficiaries 
  • Payments made in preferred currency of the receiving country
  • Available to Access Bank customers 
  • Available to Access Bank customers and non-Account holders.
  • Easy access to secured and convenient funds transfer solution 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

AccessAfrica is a secure and convenient platform that allows you make quick transfers and receive money across the world from loved ones and business partners.
Funds can be sent in US Dollars
This service is available to Access Bank customers
AccessAfrica offers near-instant delivery.
You can access AccessAfrica at all Access Bank branches and via the AccessMore App.

The funds can be received through:

  • Beneficiary bank account
  • Mobile Wallets (subject to home control regulations)

Funds will be received in the local currency of the beneficiary's country. For example, Nigerians will receive Naira or USD, Pounds (GBP) will be received in the UK, and Cedis will be received in Ghana. However, USD can be received if the transfer is to China, USA, Turkey and Access Bank Subsidiaries.

For account holders, the equivalent of $3,000 per 90 days, and for non-account holders $1,000 per 90 days.

USD Cash Lodgement:
  • Account Holders: $10,000 daily
  • Non-Account Holders: $5,000 per month
Dollar Inflow into the account:
  • Account Holders: No Limit

There is no limit to how much one can receive using AccessAfrica.

Yes, concessions can be given based on transaction volume or business case.

You can initiate transfers by completing the AccessAfrica "send form" at any Access Bank Branch
Accepted identification methods include the National ID Card, Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) Driver’s license, BVN, and International Passport.
  • B2B = Over 80 Countries
  • P2P = Over 40 Countries
  • P2B/B2P = All Access Bank Subsidiaries

No. You can only use AccessMore to send to Access Bank African subsidiaries

No. the account to be credited must be the beneficiary local currency GBP

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