Savings Challenge


It is important to have emergency funds set aside to cover unforeseen expenses. The Access Savings Challenge is here to ensure you succeed


Access Savings Challenge

While growing up, we were constantly told that we should spend less than we earn and save some portion for future use. Our parents taught us that “a naira saved is a naira earned”. This phrase highlights the importance of savings.

It is important to have emergency funds set aside to cover unexpected expenses. You may also create more money by investing.
Most of us know the importance of saving. However, not many of us are aware of the World Savings Day. It is a day set aside for the promotion of Savings around the World and it is observed annually on the 31st of October.

Access Bank marks the World Savings day with the ‘World Savers Championship’ campaign, which encourages customers to commit to saving at least N5,000 monthly for 12 months.

To start this challenge, walk into any of our branches:

  • Open a Target Savings Account with N5,000
  • Fill a savings pledge form

And let Access Bank work with you to meet your goal. There will be:

  • Monthly SMS and E-mail reminders
  • Attractive interest rates on balances
  • Interesting and Enlightening articles in our Quarterly Target Saver Newsletter

You already have a Target Savings account? No worries! Just fill the pledge form and set up a standing order to start this challenge.

This challenge is eligible for individuals who are 18 years and above. However, parents can take the challenge on behalf of their children who are less than 18.