The Take Tomorrow Initiative

Education, Health and Entrepreneurship have been discovered to be important elements necessary for true sustainable development in a society, and it is on this premise that the Corporate Communications Group based its CSR project tagged “The Take Tomorrow Initiative”. This project adopts a 3-pronged approach with interventions in the areas of Education, Health and Entrepreneurship.
In the area of Health, the Group in June 2016, partnered with two Non-Governmental Organisations – Hacey Health Initiative and Asha Initiative in sensitizing Dakece Community on Vesicovaginal Fistula (VVF) by engaging community stakeholders on the importance of accessing antenatal care at registered clinics and delivering babies with the help of skilled midwives, as a means to completely eradicate VVF. Attended by over 200 members of the community, the programme was successful at establishing focus groups in the community, comprising of men, women and a community leader for continued discussions on the prevalent VVF causes and preventions.
In the area of entrepreneurship, the Group partnered with Junior Achievement Nigeria (JAN) for the selection of schools to train in line with the JA training module. The 20 week long entrepreneurial training session involved mentoring of the students until they were able to birth their business ideas and execute them for profit maximization. Members of the group were distributed into 6 teams covering 6 schools to share their knowledge, expertise and experience on entrepreneurship by volunteering 2 hours of their time in a week to train the JA students. Currently, the initiative is impacting over 200 students with business education and entrepreneurial skills, empowering them for a productive future. 
We are firmly committed to employee volunteering. We believe that employees make their own quotas when contributing to societal development; we also know that our employees are passionate not only about work, but also about giving back to the society.