Partnership for Visually Impaired Persons (VIPs)

Visually Impaired Persons (VIPs) face a number of problems in their daily life. They are regarded as one of the excluded sections of the society, and in order to bring them in the main stream, both Government and Private Institutions are introducing many welfare measures and schemes.
In order to be instrumental to the empowerment of individuals who are visually impaired to live productively and independently by building confidence through training, tools and mentorship, the Centralized Operations Group embarked on a 3 year project to build a 40 room hostel at the Federal Nigeria Society for the Blind (FNSB), a voluntary organization with the aim to assist in promoting the general well-being of the blind and rehabilitate and integrate them into the society.
FNSB established a vocational training centre in 1955 and runs a training programme to enable VIPs (adolescents and adults) from all over the Federation acquire skills in Handicrafts, Braille reading and writing, Computer skills, Dictaphone typing Mobility, telephone switchboard operations, Tie and dye and bead making necessary for job placement in industries or for self-employment.
This project was aimed at providing the school with an opportunity to admit more VIPs though the provision of more hostel rooms/accommodation. Other activities this initiative provided include: Seminars on Empowerment of VIPs, Mentorship, Interactive sessions between Access Bank Staff and VIPs, Providing support in the conversion of texts books to braille and Providing support in the conversion of text books to audio/talking books.
Impact was made as the hostel provided for an increase (40%) in the number of VIPs that can be accommodated at the Centre from 60 students per session to 100 students per session. Employees encouraged the VIPs by purchasing most of the handmade items displayed during the seminars, e.g. Adire, bags, beads, laundry baskets, brooms, stools and tables; Hands on engagement of staff members in the seminars, the bonding sessions, conversion of their books to braille and audio books, and the end of year party organized on December 10, 2016 warmed the hearts of the VIPs and helped staff members gain their loyalty and kind consideration, with a letter of appreciation and commendation sent to the Group from the Board of Trustees, VIPs, Executive Council, Management and Staff of the Society.