Volunteering Scheme

Putting the community at the centre of everything we do is critical to our success

Employee Volunteering Scheme

As a bank of best practice guided by sustainability in all that we do, we have taken on a conscious mandate to empower our employees by creating an enabling environment in which they are able to contribute positively to our corporate culture in the way they desire.
Our employees recognise this, and of their own volition, they have also chosen to be forces for good in the communities around which they work. They are our employee volunteers, they are the faces of our employee volunteering scheme (EVS), and we are extremely proud of them. Over the years, all our operational divisions and units have mastered the art of impactful community giving, and each year, each one takes ownership of their unique employee volunteering initiatives. Indeed, this is a noteworthy indication that Access Bank has fully integrated employee-driven community investment into its business. Thousands of Access Bank employee volunteers in various divisions and units identify, select and champion several innovative initiatives to better the lives of people in our host communities across Nigeria. Demonstrably, their collaborative efforts have brought evident social and economic benefits to our host communities in various parts of Nigeria.

Some of our successful and commendable employee volunteering projects are described below: