The “W” Initiative

In July 2014, Access Bank unveiled the “W” initiative to accelerate a new and stronger wave of hitherto scanty female entrepreneurs in Nigeria. In addition to financial inclusion, the “W” initiative is a one-stop center of all of Access Bank’s women empowerment offerings. Some of these include capacity building programs exclusive to women, mentoring programmes, and maternal health services, all aimed at helping to build a bigger, stronger and more sustainable society. Under the “W” initiative, participating women and their families have access to a wide range of opportunities. Part of these privileges includes access to loans and credit facilities; access to the ‘W’ community in which they can get insights concerning family matters and finance matters. In addition, ‘W’ community also provides women with access to information about several value-adding special offers for the home, including specially discounted offers as well as freebies on health, beauty and fitness.
The “W” initiative also hosts our Maternal Health Support Scheme(MHSS), through which Access Bank supports local and international treatments for fertility antenatal and postnatal treatment, and other specialist procedures such as hysterectomy (uterus removal), myomectomy (fibroid removal), dental, bariatric and orthopaedic treatments. The MHS Scheme can be availed to women within 48 hours. Indeed, “W” is all about raising and grooming and sustaining –in communities around us – a continuing generation of women that are inspired, healthy, connected and empowered. It is Access Bank’s commitment to banking women. All of these exciting initiatives are hosted on the “W” initiative website,, an online community for Access women. Since its inception, millions of Naira have been spent on “W” and its component initiatives.