Volunteering Scheme

Putting the community at the centre of everything we do is critical to our success

Community Support

As one of the Africa’s largest banks, we are doing our best to drive economic growth and prosperity within the communities in which we serve.

Each year, and as part of our strategic corporate responsibility objectives, we are committed to channeling noteworthy resources and funds into impacting people’s lives positively and responsibly. Indeed, our commitments have been largely focused around the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Over the years, our areas of focus in community investment have therefore included education, health, gender equality, arts, and sports. Many of these efforts to invest in, and grow solid relationships with our communities have included the widening reach of our market presence, our indirect economic impacts, grievance mechanisms, public policy, anti-corruption efforts, charitable donations and employee volunteering. We make these efforts so as to jointly secure, for ourselves and the people around us, a future of excellence.

Below are some of our Community Support programmes: