School Renovation Project

The Internal Audit Employee Volunteering Project was aimed at the Renovation of the dilapidated Information Technology Centre and the provision of 12 Desktop computers and accessories for Ikosi Primary School – Ketu, Lagos, Nigeria. A school with over 1,000 pupils.
The project also involved the renovation of 6-room male and female toilets and installation of a borehole for the chosen school. The 500-hour project was born out of the need to provide basic computer knowledge and education for the pupils considering that the school is a public school and the pupils did not have access to quality educational materials.
Access Bank has become a household name in Ikosi and its environs. The Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) of the school is grateful for the Internal Audit Team’s gesture towards improving the quality of the school’s facilities; renovation of the school’s IT Centre, renovation of toilets and borehole installation.
Over 700 pupils benefited from the IT facilities provided by the Bank’s Internal Audit Employee Volunteers. Access to quality sanitary facilities and borehole continue to impact positively on the entire school population.