Restoring Dignity to Public Schools

The Conduct and Compliance Group’s CSR project tagged ‘Restoring Dignity to Public Schools’ is a stand to improve Nigeria’s educational system which is plagued by so many problems which include but is not limited to lack of infrastructure.
The project was aimed at delivering Ultra-modern classrooms, offices and lavatories to Obele Community High School, Surulere Local Government Lagos. This required the redevelopment of the completely dilapidated classrooms, staffrooms and lavatories into a fit-for-purpose and contemporary facility. Prior to the intervention, students of the school were seen to have had classes under trees, exposed land spaces and often times inside these dilapidated structures.
In addition to the reconstruction of the school building, the Group also partnered with NDLEA to deliver a mentorship program to 856 students of the school on the dangers of drug abuse and gender equality, which exposed the students to positive lifestyles and values. This project ran from May through December, 2016 with intense commitment from employees.
Impact was made as 856 students have been transformed into agents of change through the mentorship programme and the basic infrastructural need of the students, a proper learning environment, has been met.
The Bank was given an award in recognition of the effort, hard work and commitment which staff of the Conduct and Compliance Group invested in the project.