Access Bank reaffirms commitment to Accelerate Gender Parity

According to the World Economic Forum’s 2015 global gender calendar report, the world will require another 117 years to close the extensive economic gap between men and women. 

Access Bank has taken a decision to speed up the process and have pledged to make gender parity a priority. This is also an opportunity for the world to take the pledge for parity as this sole action will help to include and advance women in every society.

In commemoration of the 2016 International Women’s Day celebration, Access Bank aims to promote gender empowerment and equality during a two-day programme which will focus on advocacy and gender awareness. This serves as a demonstration of the Bank’s commitment to gender equality, women empowerment and inclusiveness, to which its ‘W’ initiative is dedicated. 

As part of the outlined programmes, the Bank will host a workshop on Gender Balance for its male staff and customers aligned with the theme for this years’ celebration ‘Pledge for Parity’ on Tuesday, March 8, 2016 to elicit participants’ commitments on helping women and girls achieve their ambition, challenge conscious and unconscious bias and subscribe to the concept of gender balanced leadership.  The session, which is mainly targeted at male participants and leading organizations, would also encourage equal valuation of the contributions of women and men in the workplaces and the society at large. 

The session which will be facilitated by Idea Builders is designed, to inspire men to support the cause of women and promote gender parity. The session is not only conceived to enlighten participants about the gender equality, but also raise advocates for women cause and build an army of defenders for the rights of girl-child. 

As a vociferous voice in the campaign for gender parity and women empowerment, Access Bank has continued to lend its resources to issues of gender empowerment, inclusiveness and diversity. According to its Group Head, Inclusive Banking, Ope Wemi-Jones “Our operations and services are designed and tailored to meet expectations and needs of every human being, regardless of gender, race, belief and religion”. As the world celebrates the 2016 International Womens’ Day we are also raising a group of men.

“However, based on observed bias against women and social prejudices against the girl-child, Access Bank has remained at the forefront of gender fairness and peaceful coexistence.  By this, we hope to realign the world with the fact that equal opportunity is a catalyst for global development”.  

Recently, Access Bank celebrated women achievements under the W initiative award. The ‘W’ awards received over 10,000 entries in the following categories‘The W Female Entrepreneur of the Year (W in Business)’‘The W Professional Woman of the Year’ subdivide into  Young Professional and Seasoned Professional categories, ‘The W Amazon of the year (W and Family).

The occasion provided a veritable opportunity for rewarding women who have in one way or another made a significant contributions to the development of Nigeria as a country.  Also, the Bank launched the maiden edition of the book titled ‘Power of 100’  which recognises and celebrate women across various sectors like  Arts & Culture, National Leadership, Business, Philanthropy, Communications, Professions, Community Action and Public Service that have helped shape  Nigeria.

The ‘W’’ initiative is the home for everything Access Bank has to offer womenIt is Access Bank’s unique approach to providing banking solutions to the unique financial and lifestyle needs of women across distinct sub segments whether it’s a Young professional, a Woman with a Family or a Woman in Business. 

This is an indication of the Bank’s understanding of the roles and importance of women in the home, society, nation and world at large and its resolve to help women overcome the financial barriers inhibiting their quest for growth.

To pledge for gender parity, please visit or