Access Bank Targets Youths with New Digital Platform

(November 18, 2014 |  BusinessDay)

Determined to cater for the needs of its heterogeneous customer base, Access Bank plc, foremost Tier 1 bank in Nigeria, is targeting the country’s youth population through the launch of an innovative social interaction platform.

The platform dubbed “AccelerateTV,” has an array of creative content ranging from information and entertainment articles to punchy videos, fashion trends and real time reportage of world’s latest trends. Ope Wemi Jones, head inclusive banking, Access Bank plc, described the platform as new, exciting and the most interactive platform for youths. She said, “Exciting premium services are available to youths who visit the digital platform and are also Solo Account holders of the Bank.

“These services include discount on movie tickets and clothing, VIP access to some of the hottest events in Nigeria, internships, scholarships and other personal development opportunities”. To participate and enjoy premium service, she advised that interested people should go to any of Access Bank’s branch to open a solo account, then visit

Speaking at the launch of AccelerateTV in Lagos, recently, Amaechi Okobi, head, strategic brand management, said that, “AccelerateTV is the ultra-cool blog for professionals and youths interested in world trends. In fulfilment of the Bank’s promise to cater for the needs of its heterogeneous customer base, we identified a gap and sought to fill it with the creation of this unique platform.”

He also stated that AccelerateTV is a digital platform with design and content that are youth friendly. He predicted that soon AccelerateTV by Access Bank will take over the cyberspace and it will be the number one website for information and entertainment content.

Toyin Henry-Ajayi, head digital communication, Access Bank, described AccelerateTV as the next best blog in Nigeria. She said that the blog is going to be the richest blog in Nigeria.

Rich in the context of content, as we will continue to deliver timely reportage on fashion, sports, music, career and technological developments.” She said that as the name indicates our speed of service delivery will be second to none.