FLOWS - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Customers can access credit lines subject approval by the bank. 
 Proforma Invoice, application letter and Letter of approval (upon advise of the quotation). 
Finance and Logistics Worldwide Scheme – A unique combination of import finance and logistics services targeted at importers of non perishable, fast moving and unrestricted goods.
It is an “end to end” cost efficient management of entire import process that reduces total lead time.
Cost effective transaction, reduced total transaction cycle time, management of the documentation system to ensure error free, validation of necessary permits, tracking system, Allow the customer time to focus on daily business demands etc. 
Customer summits PFI and Application letter, Access reverts with cost of logistics and estimate of duty amount, customer accepts via Letter of Approval, bank effects the transaction on FLOWS and goods are delivered to customer in line with the agreement. 
Fast Moving, Non perishable and unrestricted goods that can access USD via the official channel. 
Importers of Fast moving, Non perishable and unrestricted goods.
Yes. A tracker which the customers can log in will be provided such that the customers can see the stages of each transaction.