They have worked with us and gone on to achieve successful careers

Our Alumni

Student Intern
“My experience at Access Bank has been an educative one which has exposed me to the fundamentals of a Bank’s trading activity which is a path I plan on pursuing. The work environment and staff are great.”

Logistics & Enterprise Manager

“I will describe my experience in Access Bank to be very humbling. The continuous test of one’s abilities in Access; I believe was helped shape my views and attitude to work. I think it’s made me more pragmatic in my approach to life as a whole.”

Entrepreneur, Global Professional in Human Resources, Coporate Trainer & Strategist
“As a rookie, I was empowered to aspire. Today, I can dare to dream because Access Bank gave me that advantage. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

Student Intern

“Access Bank is a very exceptional banking institution. Working here has been a great privilege and I have learnt a great deal in the sort time I have spent here with my colleagues who were always willing to put me through whatever I did not fully understand.”

Managing Partner IamaCHAMP Limited (Corporate Training Life Coaching & Motivational Speaking)
“Access Bank transformed me from a weakling into a warrior. The bank gave me the opportunity to rediscover my passion and equipped me for self-reliance. Two weeks after I resumed work, I was sent to the Banking School of Excellence to begin training potential warriors. The core values of excellence, ethics, team work, trust, continuous learning and passion for customers became rooted in my blood. I owe Access Bank a lot as the bank sowed in me the seed of greatness and helped me grow into a champion as I now consult for other top banks and blue chip companies and also host high profile conferences where MDs, C-Level Executives & Top Politicians facilitate.”