Access Bank recognized for its leadership in Information Technology

8 Mar 2023
Access Bank recognized for its leadership in Information Technology

Africa’s largest retail bank, Access Bank PLC, has been accorded a double honour by the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) for its landmark strides and contributions to the development and adoption/promotion of information technology in Nigeria.

The Bank, which was presented with the “Award for Outstanding Contributions to the National Information Technology Development Fund (NITDEF)” and a “Certificate for Outstanding Contributions to the Development of Information Technology in Nigeria,” has been at the forefront of several digital/technological innovations and initiatives that have shaped the banking industry and impacted the Nigerian economy in the last two decades.

Speaking on the Award and the impact of IT in the country, Lanre Bamisebi, Executive Director, IT & Digitalisation at Access Bank Corporation, remarked, “Information technology (IT) has significantly changed the dynamics of the global socio-political and economic spheres, creating opportunities for the scalability and growth of enterprises. At Access Bank, we have worked to facilitate the effective utilization of digital innovation for businesses on every level of the value chain — and consequently, the development of the nation’s economy.”

According to Bamisebi, Information Technology has always propelled significant change in the Bank’s business conduct. It has driven the creation of the Bank’s Digital and Information Technology Committee and has inspired the incorporation of digital innovations — such as Facepay, Access Closa and AccessMore mobile application — all solutions that have catalysed financial inclusion and reduced the margin between the banked and the unbanked across the country.

Through the establishment of the Africa Fintech Foundry, Access Bank PLC is working to nurture the next generation of cutting-edge financial firms. The Foundry — particularly the Africa Fintech Foundry Roundtable — has, in the last four cycles, provided participants with a wealth of opportunities to network, share knowledge and pitch their ideas to industry experts and potential investors in both the financial and technology spaces.

As an organisation continuously committed to digital innovation, Access Bank has not only launched several initiatives that drive the adoption of technology within the banking industry and the country but has also contributed significantly to sustaining the efforts of the NITDA through the National Information Technology Development Fund (NITDEF).

“Information Technology has significantly changed the dynamics of various activities conducted in our global socio-political and economic spheres,” stated Richard Amafonye Acting Chief Information Officer at Access Bank PLC. “Within the banking sector, the conventional modes of conducting business have all witnessed paradigm shifts. For us at Access Bank, these shifts have heralded a new dawn in global and local banking possibilities — a change we are committed to sustaining,” he affirmed.

Access Bank has, over the years, led technological and digital innovations while seamlessly incorporating the fluidity of technological advancements to improve customer service and guarantee top-notch financial services — providing digital-centred strategies/blueprints that have impacted financial and non-financial business across Nigeria.

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