People Management Philosophy

At the core of our culture is an objective to groom highly motivated staff whose delivery of superior value to customers defines their career satisfaction

People are the core of our business. Our human resource management practices are designed to be flexible and accommodate the needs of each individual employee, encourage a sense of ownership in all aspects of our business and develop requisite professional and ethical behavioural standards.

They are also designed to deliver superior client service, embrace sound financial discipline and recognise and reward performance.

Our objective is to have well-motivated staff with a high level of career satisfaction, who take pride in working for a respected organisation that offers impressive opportunities for career progression and development.

Bank’s Code of Ethics

Employees are expected to:

  • 1.     Be prepared to satisfy and delight the customer as well as go the extra mile to meet the customer’s needs which are consistent with the Bank’s policies and processes.
  • 2.     Be prepared to work anywhere deemed fit by management irrespective of initial placement at time of joining the Bank
  • 3.     Have a sense of personal responsibility for the quality of work produced. Every employee is expected to embrace excellence and superior performance
  • 4.     Consistently endeavour to reduce loss of time and avoid any action likely to impede work
  • 5.     Take personal care of all the Bank’s property and all amenities provided for the use of staff
  • As full time employees, all staff are expected to devote their efforts to assigned duties. No employee is permitted to accept employment or remuneration for services from external sources while in the employment of the Bank.
  • All employees are expected to report to work regularly and punctually. In the event of unavoidable lateness, employees are required to notify their departmental administrators excluding extenuating circumstances which make such notification impossible or extremely difficult.
  •  All employees are expected to adhere strictly to the approved dress code failing which the employee would be required to leave the office and dress properly.
  •  Courtesy and paying attention to customers at all times is mandatory for all employees. It is pertinent to appreciate that employees are the Bank’s representatives and that the success of the Bank’s business depends largely on relationship with customers.
  •  Employees are expected to identify themselves and be courteous on the telephone at all times. Employees shall strictly adhere to the Bank’s telephone etiquette. Employees shall not abuse the telephone facilities by engaging same for personal calls for protracted periods.
  •  Employees are not permitted to disclose any information about the Bank to others. Unless authorized by the Bank as part of the employee’s normal duties, no employee may release information on the relationship of the Bank with its customers nor may give an opinion on the status of any company, firm or individual either during or after his employment with the Bank.
  •  Employees are not encouraged to receive personal visitors during work hours. Where such visits are unavoidable, they must be brief and infrequent. Personal visitors should be attended to in the Bank’s reception areas. All visitors to the Bank’s premises must not be left unaccompanied at any time.
  •  Unofficial meetings must not be held on the Bank’s premises without the written permission of management. While on the Bank’s premises, employees are prohibited from engaging in gambling, drunkenness, fighting, sleeping on duty and causing disorder or impeding the work of other employees. This includes threatening or intimidating fellow employees.
  •  Eating of food in the office is not permitted except in areas designated for such purposes. Used packages and empty drink bottles must be properly disposed of immediately after use. Merchandising of products in the Bank premises is strictly prohibited Employees are expressly forbidden from using their relationship with the Bank for personal gain beyond authorized compensation and benefits. Clarification must be sought on all issues, which bother on conflict of interest.
  •  Employees must not, on their own behalf, borrow from or lend to customers of the Bank.

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