Loyalty Lending

The reward for good lending is more lending.

Our Loyalty Lending is tailored towards rewarding long-standing and good past borrowers of  the bank. It allows collateral-free borrowing of up to 5M Naira. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Maximum of 5 years since last borrowing.
  • Customer must be in the same line of business since the last time loan was availed.
  • Customer must not have defaulted in the past.
  • Loan amount cannot exceed previously availed amount.
  • Customer must have no existing loans as at date.

General Requirements

    • This product’s target is to process renewal of Emerging Business Loans that have expired by up to 5 years, for customers whose loans were performing and who showed good repayment track record.
    • Minimum loan amount of N1m and Maximum loan limit of N5m
    • Customer’s cash flow is still with Access Bank and 12 month’s turnover limit as at least 200% of the requested loan amount
    • Restructured loans that were eventually paid-off are not included
    • Loans not cleaned up within 60 days of maturity will not qualify
    • Loans to be availed to only customers who have been in the same line of business since the last time facility was availed, in order to establish business stability
    • A review of 2 years’ month-on-month turnover trend of customer will be done to further establish that customer’s business is stable; although only the last 12 months’ turnover will be relied upon to calculate DSR.
    • Site Visit Checklist
    • Home Visit checklist
    • Applicant must not have more than three return cheques within the last one year
    • Minimum loan amount of N1m and Maximum loan limit of N5m
    • Max. Tenor of 12 months
    • DSR limit should not exceed 33.33% of expendable Income
    • Fees: Mgt Fee – 1%, Advisory Fee – 1%
    • Fees: Credilt Life Insurance Premium – 0.45%
    • Interest rate is 28%

Additional Documents for Drawdown

  • Domiciliation Letter
  • Simple resolution (Business enterprises) or Board resolution (Corporate)
  • Evidence of Insurance cover and Credit life insurance
  • Offer letter
  • Executed Term sheet
  • KYC
  • Advisory mandate letter
  • Direct debit mandate
  • Standing instruction to renew credit life insurance
  • Valid means of identification

Depending on the type of Registered business, the following documents will be required:


1) Pharmaceuticals:Annual license to practice issued by Pharmaceutical council of Nigeria to the resident pharmacist identified by the business owner.
Certificate of registration for retention of business premises issued by  Pharmaceutical council of Nigeria
2) Schools:Letter of Accreditation by the State ministry of education.
Certificate of registration/incorporation showing that the school is registered as a business entity
3) HospitalsApproval to run the hospital by the state Government.
Chief medical director's Practicing license by the medical and dental council of Nigeria.
4) Veterinary Doctors:Chief Medical Officer’s license to practice from the Veterinary Council of Nigeria.
5) Manufacturers of fruits drinks; table water and packaged consumables:Approval certificate from NAFDAC.
6) Oil & Gas – Downstream (ED's Approval must be in place for renewals only)DPR certificate.
License to operate a fuel station – (Filling station operators only)
7) Engineering Companies:Current Registration of the Chief Operations/Engineering Officer by COREN or the Association of Consulting Engineers of Nigeria (ACEN)
8) LaboratoriesHealth facility monitoring Approval and accreditation agency by state government. Annual license to practice as a laboratory scientist by medical laboratory science council of Nigeria.

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