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About the Conference

To reaffirm our commitment of inspiring, connecting, and empowering women to attain their full potential, Access Bank is hosting a conference in commemoration of the annual International Women's Day 2022. This conference is aimed at furthering the discussions around how women across all life stages can thrive through stereotypes to attain full potentials. Panel discussants will also lend their voice to leveraging gender-enabling systems for women's economic empowerment and how we can tear down stereotypes to empower women as high achievers in the society.

Speakers and Panelists

Deep dive sessions and Panel discussions

Building gender-enabling systems to foster women economic development

Women's economic empowerment is a pre-requisite for inclusive and equitable economic growth. Women around the world are resilient and resourceful economic agents, overcoming persistent, gender-based barriers to advance the health, education, and economic security of their families. Evidence shows that women's full participation in the economy drives better performing and more resilient businesses, as well as supports economic growth and wider development goals for nations.

According to UN Women, some gender-enabling systems to promote women's economic empowerment include Professional and personal life integration, Standards of conduct, Security and safety, Occupational safety, health, and wellbeing, Recruitment, talent management, retention as well as Leadership, accountability, and implementation.

Tearing down stereotypes & Empowering women as high achievers in the society

Gender stereotypes continue to exist and are transmitted through media, and through social, educational, and recreational socialization, which promote gender prejudice and discrimination. A gender stereotype is a generalized view or preconception about attributes or characteristics, or the roles that are or ought to be possessed by, or performed by, women and men. This becomes harmful when it limits women's capacity to develop their personal abilities, pursue their professional careers and/or make choices about their lives.

It is a contributing factor in violations of a vast array of rights such as the right to health, adequate standard of living, education, marriage and family relations, work, freedom of expression, freedom of movement, political participation and representation, effective remedy, and freedom from gender-based violence.

Special Performances

This year, we will be enjoying special performances by renowned artists who have joined us to break the bias. Some of these performances include:
Music by LOUD
Play performance by KEMI LALA AKINDOJU
Etiquette session with WINNIFRED NWANIA


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