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Home Invest FAQs

Yes, the rate of return will be agreed on the Naira value on the deal date and will be included in the Investment Certificate.
Not necessarily. We could offer foreign currency investment options if desired.

Below are some of the indicative rates on offer:
3M-10M 10M-50M 50M-100M 100M-500M 500M-1BN >1BN
10.00% 10.25% 10.50% 11.00% 11.25% 11.50%

If you do require further clarification, please call 01- 271 2050 to speak with a Treasury Representative.
Not necessarily. The investor could choose to rollover the investment upon maturity.
As a result of the currency conversion required to consummate this transaction, there exists a potential foreign exchange risk exposure.

To protect against this risk, a range of Foreign Exchange (FX) hedging solutions are
available, the most viable at the moment being the CBN offered OTC FX Futures.
Yes. However, if you do not have an account, one will be opened prior to the initiation of the investment.
The foreign currency to be invested would be imported with the aid of a Certificate of Capital Importation, this ensures that the capital inflow is recorded and regulatory requirements are met.

To protect against FX risks, a range of Foreign Exchange (FX) hedging solutions are also available such as FX Futures.
Depending on the investment option agreed, the applicable terms for the pre-liquidation
of the investment will be amply communicated to the prospective investor.
A futures contract is an agreement between parties in which counterparties settle the
difference between the contracted forward price or rate and the prevailing spot price or
rate on an agreed notional amount.

Naira-settled over-the-counter (OTC) Foreign Exchange (FX) Futures are essentially
local-currency non-deliverable forwards (NDFs).
The primary investment option offered is Fixed Term Deposit.

In the event that the investor requests other options, negotiations could be held and alternative investment outlets explored.
Some of the benefits of this product include:
  • Access to high-yield local currency investments
  • Ability to repatriate funds on maturity
  • Access to price analytics and market news
  • Ability to plan local currency requirements with foreign currency cashflows
A Certificate of Capital Importation is a Central Bank of Nigeria certificate issued by a Nigerian bank aimed at providing statutory evidence of capital inflow/investment into Nigeria. It legitimises and facilitates the repatriation of dividends, interest/coupon and capital to the investor. It also facilitates repayment on foreign loans along with interests accrued.
The Access Bank Local Currency Investment is an investment opportunity for investors who have access to foreign currency abroad, looking to take advantage of local currency yields in Nigeria.

At initiation of the investment, the foreign currency funds (transferred from an offshore account) are converted to Naira. The Bank guarantees a Naira return based on prevailing market realities and at maturity pays the investor the principal and agreed Naira return.
Yes. A Certificate of Capital Importation will be issued in favour of the investor upon receipt of the foreign currency funds which allows the repatriation request to be eligible for FX purchase through the official Foreign Exchange Markets.
Depending on the investment option agreed, the terms, including applicable charges, will be amply communicated to the prospective investor.