Early Savers Club Faqs

Yes. The Children Banking Team would love to work with you to establish the Early Savers Club in your Alma Mater, children’s school and your place of worship. Simply send an e-mail to childrenbanking@accessbankplc.com or call us on 4243 (IP), 080038601140 / 07010371291 (Mobile)

To become a member of the Early Savers Club, children are required to fill the membership registration form with the consent of their parents

Interested organisations are simply required to execute a registration form. You can download a copy here https://earlysavers.accessbankplc.com/images/downloads/registration-form.pdf

No. Membership of the Early Savers Club is free. However, having an Early Savers Account is recommended for members.
Intending members should be able to speak, read and write and preferably between the ages of 6 – 15 years.
No. Registration for the Early Savers Club is absolutely free. We also provide the materials as well as training to teachers
The benefits of the Club include and definitely not limited to the following:
  • Provision of learning kits including work books, activity books, teacher’s resource guide, saving plan worksheets at no cost to partnering organisation and the students/pupils.
  • Club members will be exposed to practical financial management skills early in life. this includes a Free train-the-trainer programs for teacher(s) on financial literacy
  • Confers a competitive advantage on the school’s stakeholders

The Club’s curriculum is structured into two (2) major sections. In the first section, club members are required to go through a module from their activity under the guidance of the club facilitator. In the second section, they are required to complete a mission on the purpose build game site. For every completed mission, students are rewarded with an online medal and a sticker in class.

The curriculum is made up of twelve (12) modules including using money every day, earning money, spending decisions, a plan for saving amongst others.   

All the Early Savers Account acquired from the Club will report to you, your unit and region (for relationship officers). In addition, you will be issued a certificate of induction into the Early Savers Club Hall of Fame and your name will be included in the Early Savers Club Volunteers register. Most importantly, you will help reduce the number of children financially excluded and contribute towards financial inclusion in Nigeria.

Members are issued a “certificate of awesomeness” and are also inducted into the Early Savers Club Hall of Fame.

The Early Savers Club is a financial literacy club for children in schools, faith based organizations and other suitable clusters for children.

The Club is designed to help raise the next generation of financially savvy children and young adults teach children about money, importance of savings, how to spend smart, planning for the future and the value of giving in a fun and interactive way.

The Club can be set up in Schools, Faith Based Organisation and Children Focus Organisation.


The lessons will be taught in fun and interactive ways that would ensure active participation from the students. Once the below form has been downloaded, fill it and mail the form to the email specified below