Banking Products for Teachers and Schools

Facility Upgrade  Support Scheme  The Facility Upgrade Support Scheme Credit Program (“FUSS”) provides short and medium term financing to private primary schools for the purpose of, bridging short-term funding gaps, infrastructure development and asset acquisition
Collection Account Our alternate channels including the Primus, Primuslite and PaywithCapture to facilitate seamless payments and collection of fees and levies.
Early Savers Club  This is a financial literacy club for children in schools, faith based organizations and other suitable clusters for children. The objective of the club is to teach children about money, importance of savings, how to spend smart, planning for the future and the value of giving in a fun and interactive way
School Fees payment platform  
Everyday Banking Account  This product is a salary account designed for employees in corporate Nigeria i.e. salary earners. This is a specialized salary based account for employees in our value chain who are desirous of reduced bank charges with no restrictions on their account. The account is also designed to encourage Walk-ins who are employees of other organizations to transfer their salary account to the bank.
The Access Credit Card is a USD & NGN dual currency card linked to a line of credit.
  • Classic Credit Visa Card
  • Gold Credit Visa Card
  • Platinum Credit Visa Card
  • Naira Credit Visa Card
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Personal Loans Personal Loan
A salary administration product that takes care of the financial needs of employees. Our Personal Loan offers you up to 36 months repayment plan
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Salary Advance Salary Advance
Our salary advance gives you access to 50% of your net monthly salary for a maximum period of 3 months.
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Payday Advance Payday Advance
Our Payday Advance gives you quick access to cash up to 90% of your net monthly salary to be repaid within 31 days or next payday.
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The lessons will be taught in fun and interactive ways that would ensure active participation from the students. Once the below form has been download, fill it and mail the form to the email specified below