Fiscal Fitness for Your Child

Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me, I’ll understand... (Old Chinese proverb)

For you to effectively raise a financially clever child, you need to be equipped with the right tools. These tools will provide the right framework needed to develop your child’s money management skills by ensuring that your child is actively involved.

Access Bank has an array of exciting tools that will assist you in teaching financial literacy to your child. They include:

Financial Literacy Curriculum:

Our curriculum is a well planned series of lessons on learning about money, saving, spending, investing and giving. The lessons have been grouped into the different grade levels for effective implementation.

Our curriculum also reinforces other important skills such as reading, writing, economics and arts.

Early Savers Club:

This is a Financial Literacy Club with the objective of promoting financial inclusion of children from an early age. As an Early Savers Accountholder, your child gains automatic and exclusive membership into the Club, where he will be taught all about money, the importance of savings, how to spend smart, plan for the future and the value of giving. The lessons will be taught in fun and interactive ways that would ensure that the children are actively involved.

Early Savers Piggy Bank:

The Early Savers Piggy Bank is a unique tool that teaches children (3-11 years) he 4 important basics of money management which are saving, spending, giving and investing. Unlike the traditional piggy bank that comes with one slot for saving, the Early Savers Piggy Bank is a 4-slot piggy with a separate chamber for Save, Spend, Give and Invest.

Early Savers Colouring & Activity Book:

Your child can colour the pages of this activity while he learns about the important concepts of money.

Early Savers Cash Cache:

This is an organizer designed to teach teens the money management skills that they need. It includes a 36-page handbook covering the basics of personal finance along with four zippered pouches, one each for Save, Spend, Donate and Invest, plus templates for goal setting, goal tracking, budgeting and spending prioritization


The lessons will be taught in fun and interactive ways that would ensure active participation from the students. Once the below form has been download, fill it and mail the form to the email specified below