Access/GE Healthcare Equipment Finance scheme

Providing cost efficient and flexible financing to help you purchase healthcare equipment.

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Access/GE Healthcare Equipment Finance scheme

Access/GE Healthcare Equipment Finance scheme

The Access/GE Healthcare Equipment Finance scheme is a partnership between Access Bank and GE Healthcare to provide cost efficient and flexible financing ranging from N5 million to N300 million for purchase of Healthcare equipment from GE Healthcare.

The scheme was specifically designed to address major challenges experienced by Healthcare Providers in accessing financing.


This scheme helps circumvent financing challenges such as:

  • Onerous documentation requirement
  • Stiff collateral requirement.
  • Delayed turnaround time.
  • Huge financing cost.
  • Short Loan financing period

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All registered healthcare providers who are interested in purchasing Healthcare Equipment from General Electric i.e. Hospitals, Clinics and diagnostic centres who have been in operation for at least one year.

  • Charge on Equipment financed
  • Personal Guarantee of business promoter
  • Domiciliation of sales to Access Bank
Loans are thus disbursed within 3-10 days turnaround time as detailed below.
<10M NGN Up to 3 business days
10M to 50M NGN Up to 5 business days
50M and above Up to 10 business days
We allow tenors of up to 5years under the Scheme for every participant.
  • Accessibility to field engineers and a dedicated service team .
  • State of the art technology encompassing the latest innovations and focused on patient care and experience
  • GE provides guidance to customers in choosing the equipment best suited for their business.
  • Digital Imaging Equipment
  • Ultrasound Equipment
  • Life Care Support 
  • One year of operation with the key promoter having minimum of four years’ experience in a Public or private firm
  • Registration with the CAC and relevant regulatory authorities
  • 1-year Bank Statement showing account activity over the period
  • Affiliation with HMO
  • A request letter