Navigating the uncertainties of the Nigerian Economy

A special webinar to discuss how organisations can get the best out of the current economic climate.

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CBD Webinar

The Commercial Banking Division is an integral part of the bank’s history playing significant roles in corporate customer acquisition, deposit mobilization, revenue growth, innovation, and brand improvement through customer-centric operating models and bespoke financial solutions.

Operating primarily in two sectors of the economy:  Private Sector and Public Sector.  The market focus for the Private Sector encompasses businesses with annual turnover between N5 billion and N50 billion. Businesses in this category are typically local and foreign owned. The Public Sector serves the three tiers of government namely: Federal, State and Local governments including ministries, departments, and agencies.

About the CBD Webinar

The CBD customer engagement forum is a webinar that provides a platform:

  • To engage customers in relevant information and market intelligence required to win
  • To network amongst customers and create an avenue for mutually beneficial partnership.
  • For Industry Professionals and relevant regulators to give informed recommendation required for strategic business planning.

Theme: Navigating the Uncertainties of the Nigerian Economy
Date: Wednesday, March 30, 2022
Time: 10 a.m.
Location: Zoom