Religious Bodies

Access Bank offers a product that is flexible and satisfies the Credit need of Religious bodies, while also providing a platform for the bank to drive assets and liabilities from this sector.

Religious Bodies

This segment of the Business Banking Division provides a unique offer to churches, mosques and other religious bodies by providing products that are flexible and satisfy their particular credit needs.


  • Capacity Building Programs
    	 Free/discounted training on Financial Management for officers in the Finance and Administrative department of the church.
    	 Opportunity for members to attend free/discounted capacity-building programs on a wide range of topics ranging from leadership and personal development to parenting, as well as business and financial management.
    	 Discounted certified business development training for female business owners at the W Academy in conjunction with the Enterprise Development Center, Pan Atlantic University.
  • Financial Literacy for Children
    	 Creation of Financial Literacy Clubs for children and youth in the Church as part of the Sunday School/Children’s Church Programme. The objective of the club is to teach children and youth about money in a fun and interactive way. They will learn the importance of saving; how to spend smart; planning for their financial future; and the value of giving. The program will equip them with the requisite skills and capability to be better money managers. 
  • Free Banking for seniors
    	 This is an offering that rewards seniors (aged 60 years and above) with free banking services for the rest of their lives. With the Evergreen Account, they enjoy free debit cards, cheque books, transaction alerts and other valuable benefits.
  • Banking for Employees
    	 With our special current account, Everyday Banking, employees in the church will run their salary accounts with the Bank at minimal cost. 
    	 Senior Pastors and Church Leaders can access our exclusive private banking privileges .
  • Access to Market and Networking sessions
    	 We offer ‘access-to-market’ to women through our online interactive platform the “W” Community where they can project themselves and their businesses to an ever growing community to women ( Registration is FREE.
    	 Opportunity for business women to leverage our partnership with the International Trade Centre and Nigerian Export Promotion Council for access to the SheTrades platform; for participation in Exports and Global Trade.
  • Access to Finance
    	 The Church can benefit from a wide array of loan product such as Asset Acquisition (Auto Loan, Generators, Audio Visual facilities, Computers, Evangelism Buses, etc.).
    	 Facility Upgrade Support Scheme (FUSS) for Churches, Schools and Hospitals owned/affiliated to the Church.
    	 In addition, members can access the Maternal Health Service Support (MHSS) designed to help women and families overcome barriers to good health and well-being. They can access financing for medical procedures including Fertility treatments (IVF), Natal care (Child delivery), Bariatric (weight control) treatments, Dental care, Orthopaedic treatments and select specialized surgeries locally and abroad.
  • Collections and Payment Solutions
    	 Our alternate channels including POS, PRIMUSLITE (a robust e-payment and collection solution), Mobile Banking, PAYME, Internet Banking, and Paywithcapture (PWC), a revolutionary payment solution, will deliver convenience and security to the church and its member’s in managing payments for tithes, offerings, project funds and a host of other collections. 
In addition to these, we can also organize training in conjunction with your Church, where the opportunity presents itself. Please feel free to share with us your calendar of programs for the year.