Women in Business - 'W'

We foster the ability of women to contribute and succeed in their chosen endeavors.

Women in Business

In 2006, we pioneered a gender friendly banking initiative called the Gender Empowerment Program (GEM). Through the program, we provided N2.5billion access to finance, supported the growth of female-owned businesses through capacity building and networking platforms for new and potential female business owners.

Introducing “W” - Partnership Proposal

We recognize your contribution to women development and general wellbeing in Nigeria, as well as your role in fostering the ability of women to contribute and succeed in their chosen endeavors – this is laudable and cannot be over emphasized.

In view of this, we are pleased to introduce to you, the “W”. 

What is “W”?

“W” is about women. It is the home for everything Access Bank offers to women. 

Women constitute 50% of the Global population. Given their roles and importance in economic and social development, we are committed to women empowerment through the provision of innovative banking solutions that address their financial and lifestyle needs. 

These benefits will be invaluable to the female members of staff in your business. Some of the immediate benefits of working with our Women Banking team under “W” include but not limited to: 

  • Capacity Building programs: Opportunity to attend our capacity building programs around business, financial management and personal development for your business and also organize trainings in conjunction with you where the opportunity presents itself. 
  • Access to Market and networking programmes: Information on training and seminars that cut across the different stages of a woman’s life and her business. 
  • Leverage our partnership with SheTrade and NEPC (Nigerian Export Promotion Council) to facilitate the exportation of your products and services to the rest of the world. 
  • W Academy: In partnership with the Enterprise Development Centre, we are providing discounted business development trainings to entrepreneurs. 
  • Access to finance, savings and investment options for your business e.g. travel savings plan, wedding savings plan, fixed deposit etc. 
  • Maternal Health Service Support Scheme (MHSS): Opportunity for your members to access discounted financing for medical procedures relating to women and infants through the first of its kind; Maternal Health Service Support Scheme (MHSS), a social impact product designed to help women and families overcome barriers to good health and well-being. MHSS provides financing for medical procedures including Fertility treatments (IVF), Natal care (Child delivery), bariatric (weight control) treatments, dental care, orthopaedic treatments and select specialized surgeries in Nigeria and abroad. 
  • Additionally, your employees can benefit from a wide array of loan products including personal loans, vehicle finance, PayDay Advance, and mortgage to meet their needs.
  • Collections and Payment Solutions: Access to our revolutionary payment solution, Paywithcapture (PWC) which will give your business convenience in managing payments for services. In addition, you will have access to our POS machines which also aids in managing collections.
  • Opportunity to join the 1st online community for women “The W community”. Registration is FREE and the community provides the platform for women to get inspired, connected and empowered. 

The benefits of working with us can be in exhaustive as we unravel other needs that may not be covered under this proposal. We will be happy to partner with your company through the deployment of our various financial and lifestyle solutions targeted at Women.  

We will be most delighted to meet with you at your earliest convenience to discuss our proposition in more details. 

We look forward to hearing from you.