Importers &


Nigeria as a country is mainly dependent on imports for either raw materials, semi-finished goods and/or machinery and we possess expertise in supporting this.

Importers & Exporters

Access Bank offers a myriad of value-additions to her customers in the import/export and trading sectors. 

Our Value Propositions

  • Access to Foreign Exchange, FX
     Our Bank can provide FX to import customers in form of FX Spot transactions, Forward Contracts, Futures Contracts, and Interbank to aid in the execution of trade transactions including Bills of Exchanges and Letters of Credits.
  • Bill of Exchange and Letters of Credit
     Our Corporate Operations Team effectively handle LCs –Confirmed, Unconfirmed, deferred LCs, Standby LCs etc and Bills for our highly esteemed trade customers. Presently, we open LCs in Chinese Yuan currency (RMB).
  • Access to Finance –Exporters
     The Bank can grant pre- and post-shipment facilities to export customers to assist them in export activities.
  • Working Capital Support
     Customers can receive Working Capital Support –Overdrafts, Temporary Overdrafts (TOD) to augment their Working Capital needs.
  • Import Finance Facility (IFF), USANCE, Trade Line, Guarantees etc
     Customers of Access Bank enjoy Import Finance Facility (IFF), USANCE (US dollar denominated loan), Trade Lines etc to assist them financing their trade transactions.
  • Provision of Logistics and Clearing Services
     Access Bank is in partnership with renowned logistics companies like GMT who support customers carter in their logistics and clearing services right from the ports of destination to their warehouses.
  • Variant of Card Services
     The Bank’s customers stand to benefit from a variant of card services including Classic, Gold, Platinum, Black cards which can be denominated in US Dollar or Naira for transaction purposes onshore and offshore.
  • AccessTrade
     AccessTrade is an online trading platform which the Bank gives rights to customers at the comfort of their offices of home to initiate trade deals, follow up monitor/track their consignments from the Supplies warehouses through the transport routes to their warehouses.
  • Innovative Online payment Platforms – PayWithCapture, Primuslite, Accessonline, Accessmobile
     Access Bank is today known for her ease of banking services for her customers who can now be at the comfort of their offices or homes to carry out banking transactions using innovation APPs - PayWithCapture, Primuslite, Accessonline, Accessmobil. These services include: funds transfer local and international in US dollars, Naira or any currency; recharge GSM line, pay bills –PHCN, LAWMA; DSTV etc; cash/cheque deposits and withdrawals.
  • Capacity Building and Advisory Services
     Access Bank offers capacity building programmes and advisory services to her esteemed customer on trade related transactions.
  • Batching of USD Cash Deposits for Funds Transfer
     The Bank is currently granting special value addition in batching of USD Cash Deposits up to USD50,000.00 weekly for funds transfer offshore to our customers. This increases the volume of US dollar transfers to Suppliers abroad with reduced cost more than our competitors.
  • Wantong Account for Chinese Customers
     Access Bank opens a Wantong Account to all Chinese in Nigeria with tailored banking services. The features include
    - Dedicated Contact Center Personnel.
    - 24-hours Special Contact Center hotline with dedicated Mandarin-speaking agents for all your banking needs.
    - Easy and convenient banking.
    - Free subscriptions to Mobile Banking, and Online Banking.
    - Free access to branches for transactions
    - Special Rate Concessions on the following: [Account Maintenance Charge, Form M Establishment Charges, LC/BC Commission, Bill for Collection Remittance fee, Handling Charge on Domiciliary account, Telex Transfer Charges, Account Transfer charges, Access to our multi-platform support App (PayWithCapture)]
  • Opening Chinese Yuan Domiciliary Account
     Presently, the Bank opens Chinese Yuan accounts for her customers including importers, exporters, traders, etc. This account assists customers to ease the challenges posed by the scarcity of US Dollars in trade transactions.
  • Trade Workshops
     Customers are entitled to periodic Trade Workshops organized by the Bank. Therein, they are tutored on the dynamics and emerging trends of trade transactions. There is a compendium of value-additions we can tailor to your company for enhanced benefits. We would appreciate meeting with you at your convenience for further business discussions.