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We are excited you chose to open and maintain a DBA account with us!

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DBA Account

We are excited you chose to open and maintain a DBA account with us! 

Your DBA account has been designed to provide tailored solutions to help your business meet its financial and non-financial needs. 


We hope you have been enjoying the many benefits that come with your account:


  • Access to digital business loans to grow your business from anywhere at any time 
  • A customized online payment acceptance link that enables you receive fast and easy payment via social media and offline. Click HERE to get started 
  • A business card that grants you 24/7 access to cash on any ATM with a daily withdrawal limit of ₦500,000 
  • Access to online webinars and events that encourage networking and learning from our industry experts 
  • Free online courses on business management via the SMEZONE. Click to register HERE

Our fees and charges

DBA Variant  Opening Balance  Operating Balance  Monthly Fixed Charge  Monthly Debit Turnover Limit  Penalty for exceeding Monthly Debit Turnover Limit 

DBA Basic 






DBA Growing 






DBA Established 






  • A monthly fee waiver applies if a minimum daily balance of N1m is maintained in your account all through the month
  • A penal charge will also apply on the excess of your monthly debit turnover limit if exceeded.
  • Please click HERE to confirm your understanding of your account features, benefits and charges. We would love to hear from you.
Do you have further enquiries?    
Please write us at , click here to chat with us or contact your or please reach out to your Relationship Manager!