Youth Empowerment & Rehabilitation Initiative

In 2012, the Channel Services Group initiated a project with the Lagos State Special Correctional Centre for Boys as the beneficiary of its employee volunteer initiative for the year. That year, the Group presented gift items and entertained the children within the facility. A tour of the centre was also done with a view to identifying areas where the Bank can offer assistance.

In 2013, the Group entered the second phase of the project which involved motivational talks, video presentation, refurbishing and donation of key facilities, as well as donation of foodstuffs and other items to the centre. Our Channels Services Employee Volunteers believe in the importance of empowering young people to be agents of change in the economy and community.

This group of volunteers have not left the youth empowerment function to the government or religious organisations; they have been directly involved in supporting, motivating, and empowering youths in the Lagos State Special Correctional Centre for Boys. In doing this, our volunteers have instilled a strong sense of self-belief that the youth of the centre can achieve anything and be successful in life, and improved the standard of social amenities in the centre so as to better engage the boys.
The spin-off include:
1. Improved social lives of beneficiaries
2. Increased beneficiaries awareness and understanding of certain issues
3. Reduced beneficiaries’ dependence on community by providing them with tools to improve their own lives.
The project had direct impact on 160 staff, students and the management of the school with funds raised by staff of the Channels Services Group for the project.