Terms and Conditions


Family: A Family is defined as Nuclear and Extended or of a group of people related by blood or marriage.

Family Sponsor: Any Family Member who initiates or brings together other family members to join the Family Saving Scheme would be called the Sponsor.

Family Size: A minimum of 2 or more family members make up a family.

Product Types: All Savings Products in the bank and the Evergreen products are eligible for this campaign.

Identification: Each Family will be identified by a unique Family ID and all the accounts of family members will be linked to this ID. However, all the participating members would continue to enjoy the confidentiality of their banking transactions.

Family Monthly Actual Balance Criteria : FMAB (Family Monthly Actual Balance) is the sum total of the monthly actual balance of all the linked family accounts.

Family Status: The Family status is defined by the minimum balance families subscribe to e.g (Savings, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium Family Status). The Savings Family Status is the entry and default status where no status is indicated.

Interest Rate: This is the rate paid monthly based on “Family Status” subscribed by the family and applied to all individual accounts this ranges from 5% to 5.75%.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Both new and existing Savings account will qualify for the Family Banking Program

  2. All the participating adults must apply and activate their Debit Cards linked to their respective accounts.

  3. Your Family ID would serve as a Referral ID/Code as well.

  4. Only families that maintain their balance from the previous Season of the Promo automatically qualifies for the season 2 of the promo

  5. To participate in the Family Fortunes Referral Scheme, the family you have referred must indicate your Family ID and Name as a referrer on the account opening form for us to track your referrals. You would be eligible for winning additional tickets for the Mega Random selection based on number of referrals who qualify for Mega Random selection as per slabs given below:

Customer Referral Scheme

No. of referred families qualifying mega random selection No. of mega tickets Other prizes
1 Mark Otto
2 Jacob Thornton
3 Larry the Bird

* You may be issued tickets based on the slab you qualify to, however the number of tickets that would be included for the Mega Random selection would depend on the number of Families you had referred who qualify for Mega Random selection and other prizes would also be awarded based on the same.

Interest rate will be earned based on the chosen “Family Status” and corresponding FMAB criteria

Savings Family Status Silver Family Status Gold Family Status Platinum Family Status Titanium Family Status
FMAB N150,000 N300,000 N500,000 N750,000 N1,000,000
Interest Rate if status is maintained Default Rate 5% 5.25% 5.5% 5.75%
Interest Rate if status is not maintained Default Rate Default Rate Default Rate Default Rate Default Rate

Default interest rate will apply if a family goes below the FMAB required for chosen “Family Status”.

The “Savings Family Status” would be profiled in cases where customers do not indicate the choice of Status on the account opening form.

Confidentiality of each family members will be maintained in the context of banking transactions from their respective accounts. However, cumulative balance would be communicated to family members from time to time for them to maintain their Family Status.

An existing customer of the Bank can be a Family Member under this Family Banking Program, however for the Family to earn a Ticket(s) only fresh and incremental inflows would be considered for the purpose of calculation of FMAB and Family Actual Balance during campaign period. Any funds being internally transferred within Access Bank would not be considered.

Eligibility Requirements for Random selection

Qualification Criteria/Random selection Type Quarterly Mega
Minimum days on board at the time of random selection 90 Days 180 Days
Minimum Family Actual Account Balance on the random
selection date for a minimum period of the random selection type
N300,000 N300,000

Eligibility For Number And Types Of Tickets

Family Average Balance/Family Actual Balance Quarterly (# of Tickets) Mega (# of Tickets)
150,000-299,999 Nil Nil
300,000-499,999 *Up to 3 1
500,000-749,999 *Up to 3 2
750,000-999,999 *Up to 3Nil 3
1m and above *Up to 3 5
Every additional 1m *Up to 3(+1) 5(+1)

* There would be 2 quarterly and 2 Mega Random selections during the campaign period. Customer can only participate on the random selections conducted after the date of entry.
** Multiple tickets would be issued as and when the eligibility criteria is met, however only the tickets that meet the actual balance required at the time of issuance will be eligible on the date of the random selection.

All the accounts linked to your FAMILY ID must be funded with minimum of N20,000 supported by required documentations to participate in the Family Fortune Promo.

Family Sponsor are required to provide valid identification (National Identification Card, International Passport, Driver License or Permanent Voters Card) when redeeming prizes won.

Prizes can be handed over to the Family Sponsor or and at least one family member.

The targeted dates for the random selections are indicated below:

S/N Random Selections No. of Random Selections Dates
1 Quarterly 2 *April and October
2 Mega 2 July & December
*The Bank reserves the right to change the random selection dates.

The 2 “Houses” to be won as 1st Prize are located in Lagos only. Families are to ensure the house remain ‘as is’ and not to make any alteration to the colour, sell, dispose or transfers ownership of the house for a period of 60 (Sixty) months.

The Houses shall be subject to documentation to be prepared/reviewed by the Bank’s legal department and shall contain such clauses and provisions as the bank’s legal department shall deem acceptable or appropriate in the circumstances.

The winner shall bear all costs of perfection and registration of title to the Houses.

Family Cars will be branded and families are to ensure the car remain ‘as is’ and do not make any alteration to the vehicle colour, sell, dispose or transfer ownership of the vehicle for a period of 36 (thirty six) months.

Families are to ensure the generator remain ‘as is’ and not to make any alteration to the colour, sell, dispose or transfers ownership of the generator for a period of 24(twenty four) months.

Holiday tickets for winning families are Economy Class return airfare to Dubai (5 Days and 4 Nights stay) for 4 people in the winning family. The Holiday Package includes Airfare, Hotel Stay and other Fun activities. Holiday tickets are not transferable and can only be used by family members who participated in the family banking scheme.

No gift item can be monetized except for Movie Tickets due to limited Cinema locations across the country.

Scholarships will be channeled towards the school fees of family members and paid directly to the school.

All the prizes would be distributed through the branches where banking relationship is domiciled or indicated branches by the winners.

Pictures of winning families will be used during and post event for publicity and the winners by accepting these terms and conditions irrevocably and unconditionally authorise the Bank to use their image, likeness, photograph and video for the purpose of publicity of the Scheme or the Banks products.

Violation of the definition of Family as stated above will result to disqualification for the random selection and forfeiture of promo item won by the Family.

For the purpose of this Scheme the family unit shall be taken as indicated in the subscription form and signed off by the Sponsor.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this terms and conditions, the Bank shall only recognise and announce the Sponsor as indicated on the subscription form as the winner of any prize including the houses.

All legal title and beneficial ownership in the prizes shall be granted by the Bank exclusively to the Sponsor as indicated on the subscription form.

Sharing of promo items won is at the discretion of the Family Sponsor. The Bank will not be involved with apportioning of promo/gift items.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein express or implied, the Bank shall not be liable for any tax payable on any item won under the Family Fortune promo. As such all tax liability including without limitation, VAT or WHT shall be payable by the Family or the winner of such prize or item.

The cost of registration or maintenance of any of the prizes shall be borne solely by the winner of such item.

Access Bank shall not be liable for any warranty on promo items.

Interest rate paid to family members is subject to maximum of 4 withdrawals per month. Family members who performs more than 4 withdrawals in a month forfeit interest for that month.

All prizes are offered by the Bank on an “as is” and “where is” basis and the Bank gives no warranty as to completeness, title, registrability, fitness for purpose or in any other respect and hereby disclaims all such warranties express or implied to the fullest extent permitted by law.

The Bank shall not be responsible for the provision of any furniture, fixtures or fittings in the Houses and the winner shall bear responsibility for the purchase and installation of all such items.

The winner of each House shall be liable to pay all costs of registration and perfection of his/her title to the property and the Bank makes no warranty as to the chances of success or otherwise of such perfection and registration.

The winner of each house covenants that the design, painting and decoration of the Houses are not altered for a period of 60 months from the date of execution of a Deed of Assignment in favour of the winner.

The customer hereby indemnifies the Bank against all losses, claims, expenses, or liabilities arising out of the customer’s breach of any of the terms and conditions herein contained.

The winner of the House/property hereby acknowledges that any breach of these Terms and Conditions shall be a ground for the Bank to commence an action in the name of the Assignor of the House/property to rescind the Deed of Assignment and/or seek injunctive reliefs and damages against the Assignee at the Assignee’s cost and expense.