Associations & Firms

Creates a framework for enabling professional firms, their partners, key promoters and their professional associations access credit facilities. Liquidity is also managed for effective yield on funds

Professional Associations & Firms

We have a special focus on Professional Firms and Associations and are committed to providing special innovative offerings to meet the financial and lifestyle needs of this sector.

Our Value Propositions to Professional Firms and Associations

  • Exclusive Banking
    Our Exclusive banking ensures you enjoy seamless banking experience.
     Access to accumulative interest rate on increasing account balance on liability products. 
    The Features Includes:
        - Current account with Zero CAM.
        - Graduating interest rate on increasing account balances.
            i)  2% p.a on N200, 000 >N999, 999.
            ii)  3% p.a on N1, 000,000>N4, 999,000.
            iii) 4% p.a on balances above N5, 000,000.
        - Minimum opening balance of N50, 000.
        - Average monthly balance of N200, 000.
        - More than 6 withdrawal monthly will attract CAM charges.
     Access to our exclusive affluent professional privileges for senior partners, members and associates of your organisation.
     Investment opportunities: High yield on investment services through Fixed deposits, Treasury Bills etc.
     Premium Investment Products: FRD advantage.
     Priority Service: FX for School fees and Personal Travel Allowance.
     An exclusive travel savings plan on the target savings account with a competitive interest rate of 5% quarterly to enjoy a well-deserved travel experience.
     Our Target Savings Wedding variant gives your staff the opportunity to save towards that dream wedding.
    • Access to Financial services
      The features include:
      Products Variants/Schemes Minimum Equity contribution Interest rate Management fee Commitment fee Advisory fee Insurance premium Max. Tenor
      Personal Loans Main Personal Loan N/A 28%p.a. 1% flat 1% flat 1% flat 0.5%
      PayDay Advance N/A 3%flat 1% flat 1% flat N/A 0.05% 31 days
      Advance for School Fees N/A 20%p.a. 1% flat 1% flat N/A 0.5% 4 months
      Maternal Health Service Support N/A 14%p.a. Waived Waived   Waived   0.5% 36 months
      Vehicle Finance Main Vehicle Finance 0% 28%p.a. 1% flat 1% flat 1% flat 5% 48 months
      *Vehicle Finance scheme with Coscharis Motors 10% 20%.a. Waived Waived 1% 2.75% 48 months
      Mortgage   30% 22%p.a. 1% flat 1% flat 0.5% flat 0.75% 10 years
  • Banking for Employees
     With our special current account, Everyday Banking, employees of your firm can run their salary account with the Bank at minimal cost and easy access to Payday Advance with no documentations required.
  • Maternal Health Service Support Bespoke financing for maternal health needs and other medical procedures for women at a competitive interest rate of 14%p.a
  • Access to Market and Networking sessions
     We offer ‘access-to-market’ for women through our online interactive platform the “W” Community where they can project themselves and their businesses to an ever growing community to women (  Registration is FREE.
  • Free Banking for seniors
     This is an offering that rewards seniors (aged 60 years and above) with free banking services for the rest of their lives. With the Evergreen Account, they enjoy free debit cards, cheque books, transaction alerts and other valuable benefits.
  • Collections and Payment Solutions
     Our alternate channels including POS, PRIMUSLITE (a robust e-payment and collection solution), Mobile Banking, PAYME, Internet Banking, and Paywithcapture (PWC), a revolutionary payment solution, will deliver convenience and security in managing payments for dues, fees and a host of other collections. This can also be deployed during conferences and general meeting.
The benefits of working with us are invaluable as we unravel other needs that may not be covered under this proposal.

We will be most delighted to partner with you through the deployment of the enlisted financial solutions and meet with you at your earliest convenience to discuss our propositions in more details.