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Frequently Asked Questions

The Family Fortune Promo

The Scheme

1. Q. What is the Family Savings Scheme?

A. This is a saving scheme designed to encourage families to save together and enjoy exclusive privileges (Interest rates and family rewards) while they continue to enjoy the confidentiality of their banking relation and manage their accounts as unique individuals.

2. Q. What makes up a family under this Scheme?

A. A family is defined as a nuclear and extended consisting of a group of people related by blood or marriage and must be a minimum of 4 to be eligible for the promo.

3. Q. What are some examples of family members that are eligible for the campaign??

A. Father, Mother, daughter, son, nephew, nieces, grandparents, in-laws, cousins’ aunts, uncles, parents, parent in-laws, brother and sister in – law etc.

4. Q. Is there a special account opening package for this Scheme?

A. Yes, we have a family banking account opening form that captures the account opening details of the family sponsor, and up to 5 other family members as well as a one page form for existing accounts

The Promo

1. Q. What is the Family Fortune Promo?

A. The Family Fortune Promo is the nationwide savings promo targeted at the family unit with Weekly, Monthly and Mega random selection.

2. Q. How can Families participate in the Family Savings Scheme and Family Fortune Promo?

A. By opening any of our savings account products and bringing on board at least 1 other family member to make a minimum family size of 2

3. Q. Who can be a Family Sponsor?

A. This is any member of a family that brings the other members of a family together for the purpose of the Family Savings Scheme and Family Fortune Promo.

4. Q. Can the Family Sponsor sign for every Family Member?

A. No. Every Family Member 18 years and above must sign on their family banking account opening form.

5. Q. Will other family members have access to each other’s account and balance?

A. No. all Family members will only know the cumulative balance and not their respective account balance or transaction

6. Q. Can family members in other locations outside where the family sponsor resides join the family savings scheme and participate in the promo?

A. Yes.

7. Q. Can an individual belong to multiple Family IDs?

A. Yes, with a maximum number of 2. However, the 2 accounts will come from different products of the bank.

The Promo Requirements

1. Q. Which accounts qualify for the promo?

A. All savings accounts in the bank namely Premier Saving, Target Savings, Solo, Early Savers, Instant Savings Tier 1 and 2 and Evergreen

2. Q. Is the minimum qualifying balance of N150,000.00 required on each Family Member account?

A. No, The minimum balance at the qualifying level of N150,000.00 is required as a cumulative balance across Family Members account. However, each account must maintain a minimum balance of N20,000.00. to qualify for the Family Fortune Promo

3. Q. What are account opening requirements?

A. Basic account opening requirement. Namely completed application form, ID, Passport Photograph, Utility bill and BVN.

4. Q. What are the different avenues for account opening?

A. Accounts can be opened through any of the following media:

5. Q. What are the important things to include when filling out the Family Banking account opening forms?

6. Q. Will an existing current account holder qualify for the promo?

A. No, to qualify you must open any of the savings account products and invite at least 1 family member to open a savings account as well.

7. Q. Can an existing savings account holder participate in the Family Savings Scheme?

A. Yes they can, however the family must have fresh and incremental deposits. Funds transferred within Access Bank would not be considered. The Family Banking Form for existing customers can be used for this purpose

8. Q. How can Family Members fund their accounts?

A. Accounts can be funded through cash deposits, Cheque deposits and interbank transfers.

9. Q. How do Families qualify for the random selection?

A. Families can qualify for the random selection by meeting the savings threshold below and duration criteria:

Qualification Criteria/Random selection Type Weekly Monthly Mega
Minimum Family Actual Account Balance for the period of random selection date N150,000 N300,000 N300,000
Minimum number of days to maintain the balance to qualify for the random selection** 7 Days 30 Days 90 Days

*There would be 12 weekly and 3 Monthly random selection during the campaign period. Customer can only participate in the random selection conducted after the date of entry.

** Multiple tickets would be issued as and when the eligibility criteria is met, however only the tickets that meet the actual balance required at the time of issuance will be eligible on the date of the random selection.

10. Q. Is an individual with the minimum eligibility balance qualified for the promo?

A. No, this is a family saving scheme and a minimum of 2 family members are required for the Family Saving Scheme and the Family Fortune promo.

11. Q. What is Family Monthly Actual Balance Criteria (FMAB)?

A. Family Monthly Actual Balance (FMAB) is the minimum cumulative amount families retain as savings amongst all the linked accounts. This is calculated by adding up the total of monthly actual balances of all the linked accounts.

The Prizes And The Random Selections

1. Q. Are there consolation prizes?

A. No. However, there will be freebies during cluster and market engagements.

2. Q. How can one increase the chances of winning?

3. Q. Where Is the Location of the Houses that are up for grabs?

A. All the 3 “Houses” to be won as 1st Prize are located in Lagos.

4. Q. How Do Families claim their prizes?

A. Prizes will be redeemed by the Family Sponsor or an authorized family member participating in the Family Banking Program, upon presentation of a valid identification document.

5. Q. Will Family need to travel to Lagos to claim their prizes?

A. All prizes would be distributed through the branches where the Account relationship is domiciled.